Protect the health of employees and the public in every work environment, ensuring that production and commercial activities are carried out.

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Protection systems to be ready to comply with the new safety protocols for the workplace.

In a health emergency context, the use of protective devices that can guarantee isolation from the risks of infection has become an essential element in order to be able to work safely. The transparent partitions can be easily positioned in open space offices, shops, supermarkets, public counters, reception desks, health facilities, associations and in any place where physical interaction with the user is foreseen. Screens protection is a tool to limit the spread of the Covid19 virus during the maximum criticality moment, essential equipments to comply with protocols necessary for resuming economic activities. In addition to vertical partitions, flexible sheets with a thickness of 1 / 0.75mm are used for the construction of PPE shields. They can be easily worn by each single worker, minimizing the effort for the environment furniture adaptation and facilitating normal body movements.

Why choose polycarbonate?

  • Protection from droplet propagation
  • Transparent to communicate easily with the interlocutor
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Easily to use
  • Ability to customize the shape and size of the partitions
  • Shock resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitize surface
It is difficult to predict how long we should live in these over protected environments, so we must choose with foresight the better protective devices to be installed. Polycarbonate sheets are the ideal solutions for many workplaces, both for small applications and for equiping complete open-space. 'Plexiglass screen' is now becoming part of everyday language and its market demands is exceeding the available production offer. However alternative materials guarantee the same advantages as the renowned plexi, having features even more suitable for the current application needs. Among these materials coming from a reconversion use, there are the multiwall sheets that are normally used in building sector, in design furniture applications or exhibition fitting.

PoliCarb® Multiwall sheets

Tailor-made solutions

  • respect of privacy between adjacent workstations
  • stability in positioning thanks to the greater thickness of the sheet
  • extreme sheets lightness which requires simple load-bearing solutions
  • stock availability and fast delivery times

The light transmission into the whole rooms is guaranteed thanks to the translucency of crystal-colored sheets; at the same time, the striped texture creates an elegant now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effect allows to maintain privacy from shared vision of documents / monitors contents. The PoliCarb® range is particularly suitable for making side partitions in offices, multiple desks, restaurants, canteens and banks branches . In particular, the P 16 WIDE 02w version is used to offer better visibility thanks to wide distance between the internal walls (32mm rib). By installing these sheets you can create customized curtains in shape and size. It’s recommended to apply a frame profile/tape that maintains cleanliness into the air channels.

PoliComp® Solid Sheets

Screens ready to install

  • Transparency to get maximum visual interaction
  • Keep on safe working in any workplace
  • Ease and speed of positioning
  • Impact resistance

To meet the urgent need of protective screens ready to be quickly installed in every workplace, a "ready-to-use" kits have been designed to facilitate rapid compliance of working environments. The screens are available in 3 standard sizes in order to meet the most common needs for offices, workbenches, reception desks, shops ... Furthermore, for distributors / transformers, it is always possible send a supply request for PoliComp® and Scudo® sheets to create customized applications.

New Scudo® solid sheets extra thin

Protection face shield

The post lockdown business recovery has required the adoption of concrete solutions arising from everyone commitment and entrepreneurial creativity … thanks to this focus dott. Gallina has increased its effort to speed up the new extrusion machinery design in order to produce new thin flexible polycarbonate solid sheets. The super thin Scudo® polycarbonate sheets are available starting now in the double thickness of 1mm or 0.75mm. In this moment, the new thin products are used to create protective shields and other devices to defend from the contagion risk. Once this temporary need will be over, these thinner sheets will be able to fulfill the requests coming from the world of papermaking, fittings and packaging. Thus we open up to a new market segment, offering the customer the new characteristic of flexibility!

Are you a distributor or transformer?

Send us your request for a supply of PoliCarb, Scudo® and PoliComp® polycarbonate sheets

Do you need a protective barrier?

We can show you the contact persons of our sales network to whom you can request the realization of the protective screens.

Dott. Gallina has adapted the production capacity to contribute to the management of the ongoing health emergency, intensified the extrusion of the compact sheets to meet the growing need for transparent materials to be used as protection screens for civil and sanitary use. Polycarbonate has been used for some time in the construction sector, however a conversion of use is underway which provides for the choice of this material as a suitable support to limit the spread of contagion, in fact transparent barriers are becoming a fundamental device for preserving the safety of workers and to ensure the operation of essential services. By implementing the measures envisaged to ensure the suitable working conditions of the production environments and by adopting the smart-work mode, the company is committed to making the production and delivery of the sheets as efficient as possible, compatibly with the provisions in place. Obviously all this is achievable thanks to the collaboration of employees of all company areas.

How to clean polycarbonate surfaces?

Polycarbonate has good resistance to most common chemicals agents. However, it is essential to evaluate the chemical compatibility before using them directly on the PC surface. Some types of interaction can cause yellowing, opacification, cloudiness, cracking, softening or dissolution. To investigate these chemical alterations, it is recommended to view the specific table published on Polycarbonate page of this website. According to chemical tests carried out in our labs, there are no contraindications for using the most common cleanser products, provided they do not contain high alkaline concentration solutions which could cause permanent halos on the transparent surface. Moreover washing with water and neutral soap allows to get good cleaning results. In addition, denatured ethyl alcohol usage might bring any aesthetic-structural damages and its cleaning power is less performing than other specific detergents. Pay attention to avoid the use of abrasive cloths or detergents.